Pe Ben Oilfield Services corporate goals
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About Pe Ben   |   Corporate Goals & Objectives

A long history of keeping our word

With over 50 years of experience in the Oil Country Tubular Goods industry, Pe Ben has been able to survive the ups and downs of the economy by continuously adapting our business model. One motto that has never changed since the very beginning is: “if we say it, we do it”. Pe Ben is true to our word and we always deliver on our promises.

Our wealth of experience has enabled us to achieve a clear corporate path which we have simplified down to a few short points. Pe Ben preaches this practice to all of our employees and we are proud to share it with our customers and prospective clients.

Pe Ben corporate objectives:

  • Job security for all
  • A quality work environment
  • Growth opportunities
  • Monetary gains

Pe Ben corporate practices:

  • Focus on the situation, issue or behavior and not on the person
  • Maintain the self-confidence and self-esteem of others
  • Maintain constructive relationships with your employees, peers and leaders
  • Take initiative to make things better
  • Lead by example

Pe Ben’s six guiding principles to customer satisfaction:

  • Excellence is our goal
  • Everything must have a useful purpose
  • If we say it – we do it
  • We endorse a disciplined approach to profit expectation
  • We endorse a disciplined approach to safety performance
  • We invest in our employees